About Us

Minilol Baby builds its name on a simple premise. We harness the powers of style, personality, and comfort into beautiful and wearable apparel. Every person deserves a t-shirt or accessory made just for them, something to capture the very essence of their stature. We have spent years creating merchandise people love, and continue to dedicate magnificent clothing to our clients.
Minilol Baby thrives on the mission of giving personal flair to our people.​ We create humorous, heartwarming, and eye-catching slogans on some of the softest materials available on the market. With all that, we make sure all our collections tender from eco-friendly fabrics. We aim to be the go-to shop with merchandise that captures your personality.
We envision Minilol Baby as a premier stop for artisanal apparel. If you need something to brighten up your day, turn some heads, or showcase your personality, we are your shop. We continue to procure distinguished t-shirts of the highest quality and unique aesthetics, all made in the USA, at very affordable prices. Trust us to be your clothing supplier.
Personality, comfort, and sustainability are three values 11 Tees holds in high regard. We want all our clothing to speak volumes of your social flair, paired with pure comfort in wearing. Our creators have a bolstered commitment to environmental friendliness; we make sure all of your apparel tailors with sustainable materials.
Minilol Baby strives to create items that people hold dear in every capacity. We promise that every one of our shirts and accessories features all the love we can muster. The carefully crafted apparel features the highest standing of clothing with slogans and graphics that always put big smiles on faces. Expect nothing more than perfect merchandise and an unrelenting style.